Download Sony ACID Pro 7.0e Build 713 Full Version

ACID Pro is a software designed to be able to do everything in processing music. This software (ACID) developed by Sony Creative Software, Inc and can be used to create an original musical with such a professional quality music recording, music mixing, create audio tracks with good effect and surrounded, writing musical Accompaniment to the video, web-sites, Flash animations, and much more.

Some of the features found on the ACID Pro can be set up and no longer requires other supporting software in managing music. Imagine, in addition to the features that had been explained above, ACID Pro has the feature to burn directly to CD / DVD audio track you created.

Features :

  •     Pristine audio quality
  •     Exclusive Media Manager technology
  •     Dynamic playback optimization
  •     More than 3,000 loops
  •     Interactive tutorials
  •     Exclusive free content and many more.

Screenshots :

Requirements :

  •     Windows XP SP2/ Vista/ 7 (32 and 64 bits)
  •     1 GHz of Processor
  •     1 GB of RAM
  •     DirectX 9.0c
  •     .NET Freamework 3.0
  •     200 up to 600 MB of Free HDD space
  •     QuickTime 7.1.6

Download :


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